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  NINE-TIME CRICKET CHAMPIONS 7x Cricket Bronze Medalists           43x Esports Club Champions      中国粉丝专页 The Beaverton Badshahs are one of the most recognized cricket teams in United States sports history. Operating professionally as an LLC since 2009, the Badshahs have directly been a part of national efforts to unite cricket as a strategic community, and equally celebrate the wonderful cultural and global diversity represented by its players, coaches and supporters. In 2021, the Badshahs became a professional hybrid team, adding baseball to their cricket competition. Both Badshahs cricket and baseball teams have esports metaverse presences.  Learn more about the Badshahs in our interactive library. Links are enabled by clicking "read more" to the right: Badshahs All-Time Match Results,   Esports All-Time Match Results ,  Badshahs All-Time Player Registry,   Badshahs Museum & Trophy Case . Metaverse Badshahs Esports Pla